Should Christians listen to Secular Musics? 

It may not rise to the level of justification by works versus justification by faith alone, but the debate over whether or not Christians should listen to secular music is a prominent one. Many Christian parents strive to think deeply and clearly about this issue as they raise their children to honor the Lord. Into... Continue Reading →

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Marry Me – By Dawota Bobmanuel

"Will you marry me?" I asked her, holding the ring in one hand and my heart in the other, hoping and praying she doesn't fall my hand and say no. I had been wanting to ask her for a while now but I didn't want to seem less romantic so I had to come up... Continue Reading →

How to fight anxiety 

It is very common for a small church youth pastor, who is trying to orchestrate a healthy youth ministry, to feel some sense of anxiety . Anxiety is not only a valid emotion, but rooted in fear, uncertainty and insecurities. Youth pastors experience many of these unsettling emotions because we have to live in a... Continue Reading →

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